Product details

With one purchase of the Start-Up in Framing Package you are buying:

  • A comprehensive online step-by-step tutorial programme using top quality framer's equipment (see below for content)
  • A complete set of your own equipment and tools sent to you, which will be exactly the same as those used in the training (as pictured, full specification below)
  • A full set of materials sent to you - enough to complete six frames ready to hang and with plenty remaining to experiment with and improve your skills
  • Ongoing post purchase support; and involvement in the Start-Up community (see below)

The single payment for the Start-Up in Framing Package is £725.00 (including VAT and delivery).

  • if bought individually, the equipment and materials alone amount to some £700.00 - that is without the tutorial programme and support.
  • with all the materials to complete six frames included you are well on your way to recovering your outlay.
  • Delivery is included for mainland UK (please enquire for Northern Ireland and all deliveries outside the UK).

The Start-Up in Framing Package is an investment in a skill that, once mastered, you will always have - and will give you hundreds of frames as and when you wish to make them.

And so you can be well prepared, do check out the notes below for work area set-up.

If you have any questions, email direct to: Mark Higgins [email protected]

Equipment Specification

Selected and sourced from a leading UK picture framing supplier - Lion of Birmingham, :

  • Logan 350 Compact Elite Mount Cutter (cuts up to 81.5cm mounts)
  • Logan Studio Mitre Joiner (+ V nails)
  • Inmes 150 Flexipoint Driver (+flexipoints)
  • 92cm Keencut Safety Edge Ruler
  • 61cm Steel Ruler
  • Fletcher Score Mate Cutter, for acrylic glazing
  • Workshop Craft Knife (with Blades)
  • Ph7-70 Conservation tape
  • Double Sided tape
  • Moisture Resistant Backing tape
  • PVA Wood Glue
  • Framers' Putty - Black Frame Mitre filling
  • Sawdust pack - Wood Frame Mitre Filling
  • Bradal & Screwdriver
  • Pencils & Black Marker
  • Hanging pack: Screws, rings, cord
  • Corner Bumpers
  • Mountboard Chevron Set

....along with Start-Up's own Project Planning Sheets.

Tutorial Content

Personally delivered training from Mark Higgins. totalling over 3.5 hours.

Composed of eight sections, each broken down into short modules, to be taken at your own pace and referred back to as often as you want. You will cover:

  1. Setting-Up and Equipment
  2. Planning and Best Practice
  3. Cutting Mount board
  4. Joining Moulding
  5. Glazing & Finishing
  6. Protecting Art Work
  7. Double Mount Cutting and creative ideas
  8. Looking Ahead - suppliers, starting a business

Every stage is practical. You will work through the training, to complete your first three frames and then practice with the next three.

Instruction on quality of workmanship will be central.

Plus, currently offered within the package is an additional free extended Glazing tutorial.


In addition to having the tools, you'll need professional materials to work with as you learn.

The package includes more than enough conservation quality materials to complete six frames and have plenty left over to experiment and practice with.

  1. Six sheets of Level 2 Conservation Mountboard
  2. Two sheets of Styrene Glazing
  3. Two sheets of Corri-Cor Backing board
  4. Bare Wood chop service moulding for three frames to be completed (27x22cm; 39x29cm; 50x40cm)
  5. Matt Black chop service moulding for three frames to be completed (27x22cm; 39x29cm; 50x40cm)

The sheets arrive as 120cm x 80cm. The tutorials guide you in cutting each in half to 60cm x 80cm for storage.

The guidelines established by the Fine Art Trade Guild for materials and workmanship form the basis for this programme.


The Start-Up Community

With the purchase of the Start-up in Framing Package, one to one support is always on hand. Plus there is the opportunity to exchange ideas with others on regular zoom if you wish to participate, discuss broader questions and get to know one another.

There will also be new tutorial topics coming online such as:

  • More mount cutting ideas - have fun, explore and experiment
  • Glazing - the significance of getting it right
  • Deep reveals and use of foam board
  • Non glazed framing options - for oils and acrylics particularly
  • Needlework - stretching and mounting
  • Framing sports clothing
  • Framing three dimensional artworks - memorabilia

And you can be kept up to speed on topical matters, new products and updates from the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Setting up a work area

The space you want to prepare for framing can be a dedicated area or temporary set-up.

The key element you will need is a solid work surface, approximately 120cm x 90cm (4ft x 3ft), clean and grease free (an mdf board over a table is very satisfactory)

Good lighting over the work area is important and I suggest you consider a desk lamp (though not essential) for close up work and inspecting quality of cuts, etc

In addition, I recommend an adjacent space - either a shelf or side table - for tools and accessories while you are working, so you can keep that main work surface free of clutter.

To give you an indication of storage for some of the larger items, the longest item is the safety ruler at 92cm, and all the boards can all be cut in half to become 60 x 80 cm sheets. Storage can be flat or upright.

Picture framing is not messy or noisy so it can be carried out in any clean environment.

Enrolment for UK based students

Delivery of equipment and materials within mainland UK is included in this package. All deliveries required outside mainland UK will incur an additional postage charge.
For all deliveries outside mainland the UK (incl Northern Ireland),
please enquire to [email protected], before enrolling.

We ask you to confirm you delivery address (as it may differ from your payment address details) by email to [email protected]. Delivery will normally be made within five working days of your enrolment and receipt of delivery address.


Start-Up in Framing

Complete framing package for beginners

This single purchase will give you online access to a comprehensive set of training modules, in addition to the delivery of a complete set of professional framing equipment, tools and materials sent to your specified UK address. You will learn to complete six frames with this package, with plenty of materials left over; and have a set of equipment and tools that will last you years. The training is brought to you by a Certified Member of the Fine Art Trade Guild who trains you on the exact equipment as delivered to you. You will be introduced to the Guild's standards of workmanship and have access to ongoing one to one support at all times.