Looking to become a skilled picture framer - and would you like to learn from the comfort of your home?

Then consider this opportunity: online access to a comprehensive training programme which employs in its training the very same hand-picked, quality framing equipment and materials that can be delivered to your door.

A total beginner's package, with enough materials to complete your first six frames, with plenty left over for practising your techniques.

Tutorials that take you through every step - from opening the boxes, to perfecting your craft - discovering some of the tricks of the trade along the way and always learning to the high standards of a professional framer. All the training is broken down into short modules to enable you to learn at your own pace and return to as often as you like.

Hello, I'm Mark Higgins...

...and I have developed Start-Up in Framing as a new and refreshing way to introduce you to picture framing.

Why is it new and refreshing?

Here is a course that offers you a complete picture framing training programme using equipment that is both inexpensive and practical to work with at a home or in a Studio. Plus, top quality framing materials that are the best you would find at any High Street framers.

Yes, there are advanced courses at one end of the scale and basic introductions at the other, but this cuts through both.

Key is exploding the myth that you need expensive equipment, lots of storage and hard graft to make frames. You don't these days. Over the last few years 'Chop Service' has come to the fore. Chop Service is where the frame supplier cuts the moulding you select at the factory sending you the exact size moulding you require, ready to join. all done online and thousands of mouldings to choose from.

No big costly and hefty saw and masses of moulding off-cuts laying around. Clean, tidy and manageable - and, if you learn well, a product just as good as the High Street.

Knowing the right equipment to buy and what expensive pieces of kit you don't need can be daunting. That's why I have built this training around a specific set of equipment. My ideal starter pack based on my own experience.

If you already have tools, purchasing the training modules will hone your skills and improve your expertise.

And if you are outside the UK, purchasing the training will give you the skills to work with tools you have purchased locally. All the training modules are all online to view as often as you want and at you own pace.

It's a Start-Up approach that can really take you anywhere: you can build a home based business enterprise as I have; frame your art or photography for exhibiting or selling; or simply become a highly accomplished hobbyist.

As a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild I base all my teaching, whether face-to-face or online, on the Guild's guidelines. These are internationally acknowledged as benchmark standards. So, whatever draws you to framing, with my course, you will be learning to the same high standards as a professional framer.

By the time you complete the Start-Up in Framing tutorials will have the knowledge to become an accomplished framer, as the brief testimonials below verify.

Click through to see my introductory video for the Start-Up Package. Also, view the content of the Training Programme that is available as a stand alone purchase worldwide. If you have any questions, please email me.

One purchase and you are launching yourself into an exciting and rewarding venture....I hope that sounds new and refreshing!

Please click below and I hope to stay in touch,

Mark ma[email protected]

Start-Up In Framing

Two photographers keen to present their work...

"This package does exactly what it says. It gave me a very clear and enjoyable route into framing my own material. Plenty of support and good value - the kit is worth the investment on its own."

(March, 2022)

"Success! I can't believe I got to create something that I previously used to purchase from framing shops. Mark was a great teacher. I highly recommend his training." (Nov, 2020)

Four Students looking to develop small businesses in framing .....

"exactly what I needed to confidently start my own framing business." (Feb, 2021)

"Mark is an excellent teacher. His depth of knowledge is outstanding and he is also very perceptive of the artistic as well as the technical aspects of framing." (July, 2020)

"You explain the processes very clearly and are happy to share all your years of experience to help get me started."

(August, 2021)

"Super follow up support in answering any questions that cropped up."(January, 2022)

Oil painter looking to frame her work....

"Absolutely EXCELLENT. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The videos are exactly the right pace and you’re a superb teacher.

I’ve loved doing the first frame stage by stage. Listening and watching what you’re doing and then having a go myself.

It’s one of the best pieces of online training I’ve ever seen and I used to work in training!" 

(March 2022)